Why the smaller palm lines are unpredictable

The human hand is full of lines that forecast our life in details. However, there are some tiny palm lines that are impossible to take into consideration. The small lines on the hand are always changeable in its nature, while, principal lines do not change very frequently. The major lines on the palm are life line, head line, fate line, marriage line, travel line, sun line and health line etc. These palmistry lines are capable of predicting the health, wealth, intelligence, will power and courage etc. of a human being.

The line of life predicts as to the issues relating to health and life span. The fate line tells all about the material success in life. The sun line does predict the name, fame and glory in life. The line of marriage does forecast as for the marital discord, divorce and death of the life partner. The travel line can foretell if someone has got great travel like voyage, overseas travels etc. The head line can predict the mental power of a human being. If the line of head is clean and long along with conical shape of palm then it is a sure sign of knowledge and intelligence. The head line also does predict all about the suicidal tendency of a human being. The mental insanity can be predicted as easy as ABC from the palm lines of a person.

The small palmistry lines are quite changeable in its nature which does not allow the palmist to calculate the events in life properly. Besides, God has not given all the power to the fortunetellers to control and prognosticate the life of human being. However, there are some small symbols on the palm such as: island, square, star, cross and triangle etc. that help to get miraculous prediction in the life of human being.

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